Dev Blog 01/01/2020 for update

Join Codes

With clan support I needed to do something so that users did not have to rely on contacting support to be added to the database of there clan/server. With the method im about to discuss users that have purchased the clan/server package will be given a join code, you will give this join code to your clan/server members, when they enter this join code they will be added to the clan/server database, this will give them Premium+ in a since, however, they will not be able to enter their own database information, it is done automatically with the join code. Join codes are currently in development, there is no time frame of when they will be completed.

Alert Tones Extended

Alert Tones Extended is exactly what it sounds like. Right now there are currently three tones for you to use, I have plans to add seven more. These tones will add to roleplay immersion, and give you an option in tones to select from. These tones are going to take time to implement, they are going to take longer than anything else, they are currently planned to be implemented, they have not been started.

Custom Map

As of now there is a map built into the CAD, however, it is not very pleasing to use. The plan is to let users use there own map within the CAD. You will have the ability to use your live map (If you have it installed on your server) within the CAD, this will add to roleplay immersion. This will not take very long to implement, it is currently planned but has yet to be started.

Backup Database

The ability for members that have purchased Premium & Premium+ to download their database from within the CAD is going to be very helpful, for both you and support. As of now, database backups rely on support to backup manually, once this feature is implemented you will be responsible for backing up your database. Right now the plan is to allow downloading backups only, if you wish to restore a backup, you must contact support either on the site with the blue circle in the bottom right corner, or on the discord server by posting in the support channel or DM'ing Chip. Database backup is currently implemented on VCAD Admin, it has not been started for VCAD Dispatch but it is in progress. Database backup will only be available on the VCAD Dispatch application, it will not be available for VCAD Civilian or VCAD Officer. Database backup has not been started yet, however it will not take long to implement.

Other Notes

These features will be implemented in update Because of this, may be delayed for quite sometime since Alert Tones Extended will take longer to implement. However, Alert Tones Extended may be delayed until update In the event that ATE is delayed, ATE's status will be updated in the discord servers dev status channel.